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October 27th, 2011

What’s it like?

If you’ve ever wondered what a “day in the life” an AlphaGraphics business center owner was like, take a few minutes and watch this video. Mark Welsh was a corporate executive who, like so many, was downsized. He looked at a number of franchise opportunities, but AlphaGraphics intrigued him. Now, he operates a highly successful AG franchise in Franklin, Tennessee. Click on the link to hear more of his story.

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October 19th, 2011

Why Join the AlphaGraphics Network?

When we ask AlphaGraphics owners why they love being a part of the AG Network, they cite things like the industry-leading sales metrics, the promise of an evolving business or how much fun they’re having serving as the marketing department for their clients. But over and over, the theme that rises above all is the personal connection.

Chuck Stempler in Seattle says, “I could just feel that this was something that I could really make a difference with.”

Butch Clarke in Dallas says the biggest advantage is the camaraderie – “learning, challenging, helping each other to grow…”

And Rob Johnson in Salt Lake City says he’s developed life-long friends. “When we have questions, I know that I can always get an answer.”

Click Here to watch the video, and hear what else they had to say.

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