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August 1st, 2014

Aligning the Needs of the Brand and its Franchisees

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.55.11 PMAlphaGraphics Chief Development Officer Dave Buzza was a featured columnist in the July issue of Franchising World magazine, penning a piece on the value of partnerships that stand the test of time. Read on for insightful perspective from decades of experience working with new entrepreneurs.

For obvious reasons, alignment between the mutual needs of the franchisor and franchisee are critical to an enduring and healthy relationship. Hopefully franchise candidates who chose franchising as their preferred means to enter entrepreneurship already have a strong appreciation for the value and equity of partnerships. And as we all know, with partnership comes compromise and collaboration.

From the first meeting with candidates seeking discovery, there should be a deep and meaningful discussion of their goals, needs, fit, fears, decision criteria, timeline, and financial expectations and needs. From these initial discussions, candidates must understand the whole concept of entrepreneurship versus “intrepreneurship.”

There are very distinct differences. It’s critical that we understand their decision-making process by quickly administering a profile. With extensive use of this tool, one can typically gain insights to any individual’s decision-making process and ability to function effectively within a semi-controlled business environment. Aligning the needs of the brand and its franchisees truly starts from the first point of contact.

If a brand is committed to recruitment versus the franchise selling development process, the ability to establish the core foundations of partnerships that work is already there. As we often say to each other in our executive committee, “We don’t get a second chance to do over the first year.”

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