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November 20th, 2014

Atlanta Franchisees: AlphaGraphics Partnership Was “Providential”

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.52.49 PMAlan and Cindy Akins had been in business for 22 years, running a print shop in the Atlanta area but struggling with the evolution happening within the industry. At that point, Alan says they would have been happy to sell the business for $250,000 if they’d only known where to start.

But AlphaGraphics approached the Akins in 2012, and everything changed.

“We were tired and wanted out, but we had held off because we didn’t really know how to do it,” Alan says. “Changing to the AlphaGraphics brand was providential for us. They provided us with outstanding help in acquiring other businesses as a growth strategy, and that was a huge value proposition.”

Since then, AG has helped the Franchise Partners with financial targets, and helped narrow the focus to business aspects that control costs and drive profitability – everything from brokering paper and equipment to marketing to new clients.

“We started buying whole pallets of key paper for savings, and recently received a $3,000 rebate check from the AG paper purchasing program,” Alan says. “We just made a wide-format equipment purchase, and AlphaGraphics showed us the right piece of equipment to buy. The Network Purchasing Plan saved us more than $15,000, and I probably would have bought the wrong piece of equipment had it not been for them.”

The Akins have tapped into the power of the AlphaGraphics Network, leveraging the brand and working with other AG Franchisee Partner across the country to fulfill orders when needed. They’ve helped each other grow by working together. The Akins are having a banner year, and recently received the Most Improved Award at the AG Annual Conference.

We’ve tripled our business since joining AlphaGraphics, and have gone from three employees to 11. We’re in a good cash position, our profit has increased significantly, and the value of our business is two to three times what it was in 2011,” Alan says. “It’s given us the freedom to go on some very nice vacations and pay for projects on our house. And it’s enjoyable to watch things grow.”

“We’ve been in this industry since 1990 and yet we are learning every day. Everything takes time, but for us, AlphaGraphics was the answer.

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