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March 12th, 2015

Our 8-step Discovery Process, Defined

We’ve always believed that business relationships are built on trust, and that honest discussion leads to mutual success. Our 8-step Discovery process is clearly defined, and designed to allow both parties to evaluate each other. Across our Network, our franchisee satisfaction rates have exceeded 97% for as long as we can remember, because we all win together.

Our goal is for you to learn about us while our team discovers who you are and what you are trying to accomplish by owning your own business. Simply put, we’re looking to match goals with candidates through a 30 to 75-day Discovery process based on integrity, knowledge and respect. unnamed (2)

Simply put, we’re looking to match goals with candidates through a 30 to 75-day Discovery process based on integrity, knowledge and respect.

1. Understanding Goals and Decision Criteria – Together, we invest the necessary time to understand your background and what you’re seeking to accomplish. We thoroughly explore your need, fit, timeline, decision criteria, investment range, business fears and concerns as well as personal and professional goals. 

2. Brand Webinar Review – We discuss the AlphaGraphics vision, objectives, and our unique B2B value proposition. By engaging in a very direct and open dialogue, we will “discover” if it makes sense to move further. During this phase, you will also get an overview of the business and learn the profile, style, character, and habits of a successful AlphaGraphics franchisee. If we both agree to move forward, we schedule the next steps and stick to our timelines.

3. Complete Request for Consideration – By completing the no-obligation, confidential, online “Request for Consideration,” you are simply telling us that you are serious about owning a business and want to learn more about AlphaGraphics. There is no obligation or commitment to invest in a franchise by completing this step. After we receive and discuss your information, you’ll receive our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes training details, current locations by state, and the crucial unit economics / financials, such as business center sales and gross margins.

4. The Funding Process – One of the key elements of your successful business venture will be the proper and adequate funding of the opportunity. Our process provides you a personal funding “coach” to help you understand what the funding environment looks like and what to expect, as well as all the possible choices you may have available to you to make the best choice(s). We will also help you prepare your first business plan to be used in the funding process. Once complete, we introduce you to our outside funding partners who can assist you in completing the capitalizing of your business venture.

5. Review of the Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) – The FDD (required by the Federal Trade Commission) is a comprehensive collection of information including: our company background, management team, a detailed breakdown of the total investment, current franchisee lists, our company financials, and much more. We want to make sure you fully understand your obligations and ours before continuing on – it is also critical that we document your decision-making criteria and cover the process of finding the “right location” for your business center. Next, we schedule your Discovery Day in Salt Lake City and help you make travel arrangements.

6. Attend Discovery Day – This is your opportunity to meet our executive team face-to-face and learn our culture as well as how we help you accomplish your goals year after year. You will visit AlphaGraphics locations to experience the “day in the life” of our owners, speak with actual trainers and franchisees, and get a solid first-hand experience of what this business is all about.

NOTE: There is no obligation or commitment required by attending Discovery Day. If approved and awarded a franchise opportunity and you wish to continue in the process and complete the last two steps, you will be required to submit a refundable deposit. If, after completing the next two steps of the process you decide not to execute a franchise agreement, your deposit will be returned to you. If refunded, please note that there may be deductible expenses from the deposit for special services you may have requested and approved in advance.

7. Franchisee & Financial Validation – After attending Discovery Day, you will be given a password for speaking to our existing franchisees about the details of owning and growing a business center. And, of course, the quality and depth of your conversations will be greatly increased with a deeper understanding of our proven business model and proprietary marketing strategy. As you engage our current owners, remember the 20/60/20 Rule. Spend adequate time in conversation with franchisees and take notes. Explore the elements of the business that excite you, the areas you need to find greater clarity with, and the open issues that are causing you concern. Discuss next steps with your Franchise Development Director and proactively schedule the signing of the Franchise Agreement.

8. Signing the Franchise Agreement – Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Discovery Process and are part of the AlphaGraphics family. Upon our receipt of the signed franchise agreement and initial fee, you join the support team to schedule training and plan accordingly to get your business center opened. This is the dedicated group that will get you through training, guide you on all you on a successful opening and the marketing launch of your new business.

*After signing the franchise agreement, a new franchisee has up to 12 months to act on their agreement by either securing a transfer, acquisition/conversion or opening a new center. 

Now, you can start making your goals a reality!

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March 3rd, 2015

Benetrends Funding for AG Zees Making an Impact

Since we announced our dedicated funding partnership with Benetrends in December, prospective franchisees have applied for more than $3.5 million in small business loans to help them join the AlphaGraphics Network!

Michael Brown, AG’s Director of Special Franchisee Services, helped establish the program, with a well-defined, 15-step process that helps guide candidates through to funding. Brown says the process is much quicker with the process in place, shaving approval times from as long as six months down to around 60 days.

“We’re 40 days in and have seen already that candidates are feeling much less anxiety with the funding process, and we can get them ‘pre-qualified’ much sooner so they can plan accordingly,” Brown says. “For acquire and convert candidates, we now have an idea of what size business to target, and the Benetrends team has been fantastic to work with.”

We work directly with funding agents who know the AlphaGraphics brand and our candidate profile, and Benetrends can also assist with insurance and other human resources considerations.

We recently took some time to speak with the team at Benetrends to learn more about the proprietary funding program. Click on the video below to hear what they had to say.

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