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September 22nd, 2015

Nashville Franchisee Sees New Opportunities in Printing — and 60% Sales Increase

Jim Bright has seen the printing business change dramatically over the last several years, and says that print is alive and well, just utilized differently.

“I’ve definitely seen a change over the last three years, a diversification, and that’s a good thing,” Nashville-based Bright says. “Our business has grown by 60% in the last year, and technology has allowed people to communicate a message in ways that weren’t conceivable a decade ago.

He cites a client who uses apps for Bible studies. The advantage is that the content can be constantly updated, which keeps constituents engaged, but people still want to be able to take notes on paper. So they supplement the app with a notebook for handwritten thoughts – and with 350,000 app users, that’s big business.

“Print is becoming more of an art, versus being primarily focused on informational data transfer, but it still has a lot of value,” Bright says. “It’s just becoming more and more specialized.”

Bright says he sells solutions rather than printed materials, and references another client who is doing a half-million dollars in print work, but needed the online ordering system to manage the customized orders of collateral pieces going to offices across the country.

“It’s not just a piece here and there. You get all of the business,” he says. “Business cards, marketing materials, flyers and educational pieces are all very much still critical to the communications world, they’re just more customized.”

Perhaps the real potential is what’s on the near horizon –​ ​3-D printing​ is creating a lot of possibilities and organic LED printing is putting video on paper, if you can imagine that.​

“Think of an ultra-thin, ultra-light monitor powered by a tiny battery that’s integrated into a printed piece. We’re getting to the point where the cost is down to a level that makes economic sense for companies to consider,” he says. “Or it could be as simple as an Open sign in an ad that lights up.It certainly changes the game from an attention-grabbing standpoint.

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