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December 15th, 2015

Music, Technology Background Helps New AlphaGraphics Win in Downtown Los Angeles

A meeting planner from New York calledSherry and Tony Perry in Dallas with a crisis: it was Friday, and they needed materials to be delivered in Austin, Texas the following Tuesday. The 200 full-color pocket brochures had to be die cut and constructed before being stuffed with 600 inserts. No die maker could be found in New York City to create the tool within 24 hours, but the AlphaGraphics Network is accustomed to making miracles happen.

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By that afternoon, the Perrys’ team had the job in production, and the pieces were printed over the weekend, constructed on Monday and delivered to UPS by end of day. Another brochure file came in Monday morning, was printed overnight and delivered on Wednesday morning in time for the conference.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Escalante and his team at AlphaGraphics in Sunnyvale, California got the call with an emergency order for Google, when another printer was unable to meet the deadline on a large-format print job aimed at one of Google’s top clients. Alejandro and his team worked over the weekend to complete the project, and the Google marketing team was so impressed that they’re already talking about other needs.

How did they find AlphaGraphics Sunnyvale? You guessed it – a first-position Google ad!

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December 15th, 2015

Music, Technology Background Helps New AlphaGraphics Win in Downtown Los Angeles

Careers are built on a diversity of experiences – and successful people find a way to leverage complementary skill-sets doing something they love. Such is the case with Lynn Malsby in Los Angeles, who became a professional musician as a teen, toured the world in the ‘80s as the keyboardist in a popular band, and learned computer technology by syncing tracks in the early days of digital studio recording. When she decided to leave the music industry, desktop publishing and digital photography were emerging, and she worked as a consultant on print automation software development.

For the past 18 years, Lynn was a marketing manager for the LA-based Capital Group, where she developed programs that provided mutual fund managers with the ability to remotely print detailed customized financial reports and resources for individual clients. In March, she brought Graphics & Beyond in downtown Los Angeles and converted the business to an AlphaGraphics Business Center.

“I’ve spent the last 25 years in all things digital publishing, from print to web and everything in between. But I was ready to do something for myself, to own a business of my own,” Malsby says. “I found AlphaGraphics and saw a lot of opportunity based on my experience, and they made it possible for me to purchase an existing business in my hometown.”

Lynn spent several months researching the market dynamics, evaluating the client list, the staff and the equipment she was acquiring. She says the former owner was serious about making sure his customers and staff were taken care of, and the team was full of talent. With the addition of updated equipment and a network of other AlphaGraphics owners, she’s been able to not only make the business run more efficiently, but to grow customer relationships through expanded services.

“We’re very close to the Music Center here, as well as a school and a couple of museums, and we’ve been able to offer additional resources to them,” she says. “One of our clients is a growing restaurant chain that is expanding rapidly, and we already have them up and running on our online ordering system for over 200 items. The previous business was essentially all printing, but now we have personalized items and a wealth of tools in place for them. As they build a national presence, we’ve established a comprehensive program to accommodate all of those needs.”

Veteran AlphaGraphics Franchisees in southern California have welcomed Lynn with open arms, sharing both their experience and capabilities to help her broaden the scope of the business. She says the new AlphaGraphics Business Center looks and feels more like a marketing services center than a copy shop now, and the staff has seen the new horizon.

Alex Del Rio, Lynn’s production manager, has been part of the team for 10 years. He says AlphaGraphics has brought efficiencies and quality gains he never thought possible.

“I’ve started to think more strategically, beyond the one job to really help clients understand the different opportunities to carry their message,” he says. “Lynn has brought that mindset to the table.”

Lynn says it’s about providing the kind of quality that cultivates long-term relationships.

“We’ve invested in the equipment and technology to do it better, faster and less expensively than they could before, and from day one Alex and the team have embraced it,” she says.

“AlphaGraphics has put us in a position to be successful, and positioned us for significant growth in 2016 and beyond.”

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