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March 24th, 2016

Red Bag Program for Customers Paying Dividends

At AlphaGraphics, we’re always finding innovative ways to reach new customers and build repeat business. Some tactics, however, are timeless – and that’s where the Red Bag program comes in.

Franchisees across the country have been provided with attractive red bags featuring the AlphaGraphics brand and local Center phone number. Inside are not only collateral materials that sell our service and capabilities, but also snacks and branded products… think bottled water, chocolates and crackers, plus AlphaGraphics pens, stress balls and other fun items.

RedBag collageThe bags are delivered by members of the individual sales teams, often accompanied by the Franchisees themselves. Sam Reed in Irving, Texas, says he’s seen enough return on the program to ramp up the volume.

“We’ve had some success, and we’ve got about 20 more here on the counter ready to go out,” he says. “It’s a great way to meet a prospective client, and to circle back to a customer who may have used us for a small project in the past. There’s an opportunity to capture more of that business, and the gift bag gives us a good reason to stop by.”

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March 16th, 2016

National Print Leader Acquires Two North Carolina AlphaGraphics

For decades, Rich Schepler has been working to grow his employer’s business. With the Rich’s help, Rochester, N.Y.-based Flower City Printing has grown over the last 30 years from a local shop to a national powerhouse in commercial printing, with 300+ employees and $70 million in sales.

But the urge to do something entrepreneurial was always there, and despite a minority ownership stake in the company, Rich and his wife, Jennifer, wanted to own their own business. The lure of children and grandchildren in North Carolina, plus a chance to acquire an AlphaGraphics Business Center, was too much to ignore.

“When we decided to makRich Scheplere a move closer to family and out of the snow, I started researching opportunities in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and came across AlphaGraphics. We were looking to grow a small business, so it seemed like the perfect fit,” Rich says. “We had already signed to purchase one location with the intent to move it to a larger retail space when we found a second AlphaGraphics nearby. It made sense to combine the two locations into one business.”

The Scheplers retained the staffs of both locations, and have worked with the previous owners during the transition. They’re growing the sales and marketing teams, with a focus on expanding relationships with the existing customer base. They also have plans to increase capacity through two shifts, and to leverage SEM/SEO programs to secure qualified leads and convert them to sales.

They’ve spent time getting to know other Franchisees in the area, both while they were evaluating AlphaGraphics and since they took ownership.

“The support and training has been very helpful, and the mentorship program was great. Spending time with Franchisees in other Centers and having dedicated team members on-site as we got up and running has allowed us to get started successfully, and we’re excited to collaborate with them in the future.”

Rich has been in the printing business a long time, with a front-row seat to the evolution of the marketing communications industry. He says the future is bright if you are willing to change with technology and provide exceptional solutions to customer needs.

“Print will always have a place but you have to provide other avenues to attract printing. Customers want someone who is looking out for their best interests, someone they can trust,” he says. “When there is a sincere ‘care’ in place, that personal touch will leave a mark that the competition will have a hard time breaking.

I did a lot of research into AlphaGraphics, and they’ve backed up everything that was either said or written. A lot of people asked if I was moving south to slow down and play golf, but that’s just not in my makeup. I am a firm believer in working hard, doing the right thing, and providing exceptional customer service and a quality product that meets or exceeds expectations. That’s what AlphaGraphics provides, and we’re enjoying the challenge of growing our business.

For more stories of Franchisees like the Scheplers, take a minute to visit our website and YouTube channel. If you could see yourself as part of the AlphaGraphics Network, then let’s talk! Contact us here

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March 7th, 2016

AlphaGraphics “Gold Circle” Takes All-Expenses-Paid Trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Each February, AlphaGraphics Franchisees who have excelled to Gold Circle status are treated to an all-expenses-paid trip. This year, it was Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where the group representing more than 30 AlphaGraphics Business Centers shared insights, celebrated successes and enjoyed their time together in paradise.

AlphaGraphics Chief Development Officer Dave Buzza says this group represents not only the top sales producers, but also key leaders of the brand.


“We see many common characteristics among these Franchisees, one of which is their dedication to supporting the Network and their fellow Franchisees at all levels,” Buzza says. “Those who reach Gold Circle are typically engaged, active, and participatory Franchisees from across the AlphaGraphics brand. They understand and leverage the power of the Network, and this trip is one of the many ways we celebrate their hard work and success.”

To be eligible for Gold Circle 2016, Franchisees had to achieve annual sales of $1.85 million for a single AlphaGraphics Business Center. Congratulations to these 30+ Centers and their teams.

We’d love to talk with you about opportunities with AlphaGraphics, including successful centers that are available for acquisition. Click here to get in touch.

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