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May 17th, 2016

AlphaGraphics Business Builder Program Matching Qualified Buyers with Established Businesses

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 4.03.24 PMKirk Allen connects buyers and sellers. Serving as Director of the Business Builder program at AlphaGraphics, he’s built a nationwide network of successful businesses available for acquisition, as well as a stable of pre-qualified buyers looking for the right location to purchase.

For new Franchisees, it’s eliminated the need to start from scratch — candidates can acquire an established operation with the right equipment, staff and customer base in place, and only needs the right energy and leadership to take it to the next level.

If you’re looking to purchase a successful business with the power of a national brand, or you’re an independent printer seeking an exit strategy, we should talk. Click here to listen to Kirk’s insights on the Business Builder program.

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May 11th, 2016

AlphaGraphics Chief Technology Officer Ryan Farris Lays Out Strategic Initiatives for 2016

Ryan FarrisAs Chief Technology Officer at AlphaGraphics, Ryan Farris helps drive the strategy that ensures the business runs most effectively. For our 250+ Franchisees, its about profitability, support, innovation and the kind of infrastructure that generates sales and grows the bottom line.

Farris says these fundamental elements – training, sales support, process improvement, and technological resources – put Franchisees in a position to be successful.

“Our objective is to make sure those major tenets are there to facilitate operational excellence, and that our Network can achieve it,” he says. “We’re always fine tuning what we have in place and striving for continual improvement. This year will include the implementation of some elements that will greatly enhance both the Franchisee and the customer experience.

Among the key strategic initiatives are:

agOnline – The AlphaGraphics Web-to-Print ordering system introduced a few years ago has been enhanced to enable a much more robust solution for centers and customers. Customers can now upload files for print and work from various templates and options to manage color, font, size, and graphic elements for print and marketing distribution. It’s not just for print projects anymore.Marketing campaigns, email blasts, personalized websites and more can now be ordered through the agOnline system. For Franchisees, the order is placed directly into their workflow automation systems (more on that below).

MIS Systems – The AlphaGraphics management information system (MIS) is the nerve center that allows our Franchisees to manage estimates, invoices, jobs, clients and other key functions. This system will be integrated with agOnline, so that an order coming in can be automated from the cost estimate through production, delivery and invoicing.

Updated Website – The new is rolling out soon, with completely updated content, graphics, mobile responsiveness and user functionality based on research and customer feedback. In reality, it’s 250+ individual websites … wherever you are, a visit to will put you on your local Business Center’s website, and includes contact information, driving directions, estimate request and more. Franchisees can adjust those individual websites to best suit their local needs. Everything is search-engine optimized to maximize value and provide the right resources for users. Expect to see the new website fully implemented by Fall 2016.

Ongoing Training – From new Franchisees to new equipment, sales and marketing to process improvement, AlphaGraphics training programs are designed to provide multi-day, hands-on sessions that leave participants with total familiarity. For agOnline, that means creating your own custom user interface. For the MIS system, it means classroom training and coaching on how to use the software to increase your top and bottom lines. A new series of training modules is being implemented throughout 2016, based on best practices gleaned from AlphaGraphics top performers and external subject matter experts.

“Coming from the graphics industry, I have seen behind the curtains of dozens of businesses. When I started my own company, it was three years of pain, of learning things the hard way,” Farris said. “When I look back and think of something like agOnline, I didn’t have the time to vet the concept, negotiate pricing, and figure out how to integrate it. AlphaGraphics now offers all of that expertise and resources, proven concepts with incredible support.

“Our Franchisees are starting at a position of capable success, with access to the knowledge and the leverage of a global brand, but still have the freedom to run their individual businesses.”

For more stories of the people who make AlphaGraphics successful, take a minute to visit our website and YouTube channel. If you could see yourself as part of the AlphaGraphics Network, then let’s talk! Contact us here.

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