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March 26th, 2013

New AlphaGraphics Owner Lands Big Client with SEM

Dan Hayes has owned a quick-copy shop in Olympia, Washington for nearly 24 years. He’s had a lot of success as a small business owner, but AlphaGraphics owner Chuck Stempler in nearby Seattle convinced him he could do so much more.

Hayes converted in September, and one of Stempler’s suggestions was to implement a search engine marketing campaign to attract more business. The results were better than anyone could have imagined.

“Within the first month or six weeks, we landed a major project that really set us on a new course,” Hayes says. “The interesting thing is the client is right down the street, but if we hadn’t converted to AlphaGraphics and launched the SEM campaign, we would have never known about each other.”

As it turns out, Dan’s new client had been using a big offset printer in town for years, and wasn’t happy with the service or the pricing. They needed several thousand books printed for an annual event—typically they ordered 10,000 but Hayes was able to deliver 12,000 and still beat his competitor by $4,500!

In the end, Hayes had attracted a $57,000 project by positioning his AlphaGraphics store to win the business… but the customer had to find him first, and they did so through a search engine. Dan’s focus on marketing the business through search engine optimization has already paid for itself many times over.

“Our strategy was to fill the void our competitors left wide open, and to truly focus on customer service to complement our highly skilled graphics person,” he said. “That’s what this really all comes down to—the emotional investment our current or prospective clients are willing to make based on our performance. If we perform well, they will invest in us.”

One of the biggest advantages to being a part of the AlphaGraphics network is the camaraderie among owners in neighboring markets–they help each other succeed, rather than working against themselves.

If you’re interested in learning more about what makes AlphaGraphics an industry leader, please let us know.

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October 18th, 2012

A Word from Vice President of Global Development Dave Buzza: Introducing the AG Ramp-In Process for New Owners

BIG NEWS: We recently introduced the innovative AG Ramp-In process that dramatically reduces the initial investment and cash burn, and pushes back any capital funding and/or long term leases until a new Franchisee is making money. Our objective is for you to achieve break-even on a full AlphaGraphics Business Center without having to secure a loan or service leases.

Simply put, you can enter the AlphaGraphics network for an initial investment of less than $60K. You can start in a shared office suite environment with an MIS system, complete training, a sales process, a full database of prospects, a professional marketing kit and materials, and a reliable set of sublet vendors (other local AlphaGraphics) and go to work developing a base of clients and sales. Instead of waiting on the lengthy funding and real estate processes, you can be in business immediately.

Simultaneously, our AGAlliance Acquisitions Team will engage with you to help build an organic base of clients and reach monthly sales in excess of $20,000 BEFORE you transition to a full AlphaGraphics Business Center. So, instead of burning through cash, you can actually be accumulating cash during this process.

Please call Chrys Richardson at (801) 595-7259 with questions, and to discuss this attractive option in more detail.

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