Along with all the advantages of franchise ownership, AlphaGraphics advantage helps when it comes to meeting their financial and career goals. They get to operate a franchise with a business-to-business (B2B) sales model. Se here is some information about the AlphaGraphics advantage.

AlphaGraphics Advantage

Because you’re selling to a company rather than one customer at a time, your sales are more lucrative, and your solutions more advanced. It’s an ongoing challenge to your sales/marketing skills, and your creativity. You’re the print marketing and design expert in the relationship— you get to be more of a partner in the process Since there are a  higher price tag and the more involved process, you don’t have long lists of clients. It’s about quality over quantity— and you get to spend more time nurturing leads.

The B2B sales process tends to be more streamlined, too. In a business-to-customer (B2C) sale, you often have to spend a lot more time walking through all the options with everyone who comes in the door. They need help determining their budget, and which service would work best for their needs. Obviously, those customers still need to be served.

But as an AlphaGraphics print franchise owner, you’ll be working with business buyers. They are often far more attuned to their budget and their needs. So they connect with you knowing what they want, how much they can spend, and that they are expecting to find a solution from you. You get to start the sales process a lot closer to finding a creative solution.

We know that just like franchise ownership, working with a B2B model isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. We definitely want you to make a career choice that’s the best possible fit for you. But we’re confident that if you love:

  • The relationship-building aspect of sales
  • Cultivating long-term client relationships
  • Working on solutions that will impact groups rather than individuals
  • Working with clients who are also experienced in business

Then you’re a great candidate for our team. Want to check out your franchise ownership options? We’ve got your back. Talk to us today! And see the AlphaGraphics Advantage!