We’ve written a lot about the perks of owning a print franchise. But why do we love the business-to-business (B2B) model? There are several reasons a B2B franchise model focus sets our franchise owners up for success.

B2B Franchise Model

  1. Businesses need what we have to offer. Print marketing is a service you know they will use again and again to complement their other marketing efforts.
  2. Companies don’t want to print in-house. It takes up too much time and resources since it’s usually relegated to someone who has other primary responsibilities that they’re neglecting to complete a print job.
  3. A business has more to spend on print marketing than an individual customer. Think of the difference between printing a stack of fliers for an individual customer, and a collection of binders for a statewide company training. It’s more than a few dollars. That financial security is an obvious perk for an AG franchise owner.
  4. Companies spend on print services consistently. Individual customers may have a print job or two now and then, but companies have regular, recurring print marketing and design needs. And they keep coming back to their local AG time and time again to get the job done right.
  5. It costs more time, money, and energy for them to switch up and shop around for services like printing. So chances are good that your relationships with businesses will be long-term (and beneficial to you both).
  6. B2B models are built on the same principals as sales. While marketing your AG franchise is important, you get to spend much of your time building great relationships with your clients.
  7. Since they are professionals, too, you have more of a partnership in your relationship to the companies you work with than you would with an individual customer.
  8. Within our product offerings, our franchise owners have significant freedom to customize print marketing and design packages for a company’s specific needs. Since working with businesses is all we do, we do it well!
  9. You’re saving them money. Because our B2B model is also a franchising model, our franchise owners have the buying power of the entire AlphaGraphics brand on their side. That means they have built-in relationships with preferred vendors and suppliers. So they pass the savings on to the companies they do business with— and everyone wins.
  10. Networking, anyone? If you’ve spent any time in the corporate world, you’ve seen the power of networking. When you’re in B2B sales, you’re networking all day daily. One satisfied company rep could tell everyone at her business lunch group about your print marketing services. Another could tell his golf buddies on the Board— and all those new leads are much more likely to call you than if you had to go it alone.

Are you ready to level-up your career with a B2B franchise model that works? Our franchise owners use a proven, proprietary model to get and keep loyal customers. Find out what AG franchise ownership can do for you.