Brent and Sharon Haupt built their AlphaGraphics Business Center from the ground up. That was in 1995, and their daughter, Johanna, was 11. Now Johanna is purchasing the thriving suburban Salt Lake City location from her parents.

“I grew up in this business, until I left for a few years to go to college. When I graduated, they asked if I wanted to join the team full-time in sales,” Johanna Higginson says. “Ten years later, I’m still here. My role has evolved over time into more management and now ownership, but I’ll never stop selling!”

When the Haupts launched the Center, West Jordan was still a very small suburb. As the town has grown around them, they’ve cultivated niches that have resulted in their product serving customers around the world. From industrial manufacturing to healthcare technology and education, these verticals have translated into lasting business relationships. As the companies have grown, so has AlphaGraphics West Jordan. On any given day, they may be shipping products to Ireland, Mexico or Singapore, or delivering it just down the street.

“My brother, Jason, is our Director of Logistics, and he makes certain ever order gets where it’s supposed to be on time,” she explains. “My parents were ready to think about retiring, and they have built our family’s legacy here. I’ve always wanted to be a business owner, to be a part of the community and to give back like they have. I want to honor that legacy.

Sharon still helps with accounts receivable, and Brent assists on the payables side. They will slowly transition out over the next year. She says the support of AlphaGraphics – and the regional owners group – gives her full confidence that she can handle anything the business might throw at her. They’ve developed a strategic plan focused on growth areas, including promotional products, large-format signage, and graphic design services.

“It’s become more of a consultative relationship,” she says. “We have found that these are marketing services that people need, and they trust our expertise. Many of our customers have become like family… I invited several to attend my wedding.”

She cites AG Online, the online ordering portal, as an example of the kinds of efficiencies a global brand’s resources can provide. Customers now have the ability to submit, proof and approve jobs electronically, and Higginson’s team can track workflow in a much more sophisticated manner. It’s one of a number of key benefits they’ve seen as part of the AlphaGraphics Network.

“I believe in AlphaGraphics. I trust them and I know that the support is there when I need it,”Higginson says. “As an owners group, we lean on each other, whether for capacity or supplies or advice. We get together quarterly and bounce ideas around, we pool our marketing resources, and we help each other be successful.

“It’s just a great community, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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