If you’ve been considering making the leap from the corporate world to business ownership, a business-to-business (B2B) franchise is a great option to consider. Here are just a few of the many perks of owning a B2B franchise model.

  1. Skill Development: Whether it’s sales, marketing, customer service, or something else entirely, a B2B franchise is a great place to hone and develop the variety of skills you bring from the corporate sector. You may be purchasing a ready-made business model when buying a franchise, but the skills you bring to the table are what will make it a success.
  2. Common Ground: When you own a B2B franchise, your target market is full of professionals— just like you. You have similar goals, interests, and acumen— in a sense, you speak the same language. This means that—if you’re strategic about how you work your model, B2B franchises gain you connections that aren’t just customers, but partners and colleagues.
  3. Buying Power: Buying power is one of the biggest advantages to working a B2B model as an AlphaGraphics franchise owner.  The parent brand has established relationships with its vendors and suppliers. That means that— rather than having to buy all the supplies and equipment for your business on your own steam, you can use your connection with the AlphaGraphics brand to get great deals on both. As a big client of our suppliers, we can pass those savings to you (which you then share with the businesses and customers you serve).
  4. Long-Term Customers: Individual customers who need printing done may come into your AlphaGraphics store now and then for printing services. Businesses, however, are great long term customers:
  • They have bigger budgets: there’s more to spend on print marketing and design services, as well as getting print jobs done
  • Their budgets are consistent: they’ll be spending that money— and getting that work done—like clockwork throughout the year.
  • As their business grows, so will the number and types of printing services they order from you.

If you invest the time and resources necessary to get businesses as customers (and make them happy once you do so), you are likely to have consistent, lucrative business at your AlphaGraphics franchise.

Who makes a good candidate for a B2B franchise? We’ve noticed the most successful franchise owners at AlphaGraphics have some key things in common. They are:

  • Passionate about serving small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs)
  • Willing to invest the time it takes to build long-term relationships with business owners
  • Networking constantly because they enjoy it (and it comes naturally to them)
  • Willing to work within a franchise model and branding guidelines, but self-starters when generating leads and making sales
  • Focused on nurturing the leads they generate
  • Vision-oriented about the future of their business and the positive impact it will have in their community.
  • Ready to ask for support when needed
  • Constantly improving their communication and active listening skills
  • Confident enough to work hard on the model (and their approach) until they see results

If that describes you— and the perks of owning a B2B franchise appeal to you—the AlphaGraphics team wants to hear from you. Together, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your discovery process. If franchising is right for you, we’ll give you the support that makes your business look great, and brings people from your neighborhood through your doors. What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to explore how owning a B2B printing franchise with AlphaGraphics can lead you to career freedom.