When we talk to interested franchise owners, they are often at a crossroads— wondering if they should buy an AlphaGraphics printing franchise, or try to seek fulfillment in their current role/industry. It’s a valid question, and there’s no one-size-all answer. But there are some common threads we’ve noticed among successful franchise owners.

  • They’ve made a financial plan. Just like any career change or business venture, you’ve got to be financially prepared before buying an AlphaGraphics printing franchise. You’re investing in a location in which you’re going to do business, the equipment you’ll need, and the business model ready-to-implement for your success. Make sure you ask about all the financial considerations (including ongoing fees you’ll need to pay) before making the final decision to buy. But don’t let fear get in the way if you have a solid plan: there are plenty of financing options to help realize your franchise ownership affordably and responsibly.
  • They are not satisfied with the corporate culture. Many of our AlphaGraphics franchise owners come from a corporate background. While time spent gaining that experience wasn’t without value, many expressed a discontent with the culture of corporate life. The unhealthy competition and high burnout rate of many corporate jobs make the teamwork and support of the AlphaGraphics franchise culture appealing and worthwhile.
  • They are (healthy) risk-takers. Buying a print franchise after working in a different industry—or in the corporate atmosphere can seem scary. You should be willing to take a risk to make the leap. Nothing is a sure thing, of course. But if you are financially stable when you invest, and prepared to work hard, buying a franchise is a healthy risk you should be willing to take if you’re looking for career freedom with a trusted company.
  • They’ve plateaued (or hit the ceiling) in their current role. This is one of the most common reasons our team members decide to buy an AlphaGraphics printing franchise. They enjoyed their corporate job when they got it, but they are banging their head against a ceiling they can’t break through. Maybe you keep getting passed over for a promotion (when you know you have the skills). Maybe the higher-ups keep promising a raise they don’t deliver. When you own a franchise, you get to determine where your business goes: how it expands, and how much margin you enjoy.
  • They are energized by change. If you’re paralyzed by the thought of change or starting a new career path, it’s probably best to stay in your current role or industry. But if you’re motivated by the promise of a fresh start, and the chance to blaze your own trail doing work businesses and customers rely on, you may have a future as a printing franchise owner.
  • They want to hit the ground running. There’s nothing wrong with starting a traditional business, and for some people that’s the right choice. But if you feel most comfortable working with a proven business model, franchise ownership is a great way to use your business acumen to reach your professional and financial goals.

Owning a franchise isn’t right for everyone. But if you enjoy sales—and providing excellent customer service, we’re always looking for enthusiastic self-starters ready to be the next successful member of the AlphaGraphics team. Could that be you? Talk to our team today and find out.