So you’re interested in starting a career in print marketing and design. It can be exhilarating to think about starting your own print business. But which do you choose: a traditional business opportunity or franchise ownership?

To answer this question, you need to know where the two options differ. So, we did a side-by-side comparison.

Starting Your Own Print Business vs. Owning a Print Franchise

Starting Your Own Print Business Owning a Print Franchise
Legal Considerations If you start your own print business (or purchase one from an independent owner), there are far fewer disclosure requirements. (You’ll have to do your own research.) During the discovery process, AlphaGraphics is required by state and federal and law to disclose detailed information about our history and operations, finances, bankruptcies, and litigation history.
Finances/Fees Initial investments vary, but other than your business expenses, there are no specific, ongoing fees when you start your own print business. While there may be a lower initial investment with a franchise, there are more ongoing fees with a franchise (franchise fees, royalty fees). These fees are in exchange for your use of the AlphaGraphics brand and business model
Branding You have freedom when starting your own print business: you choose your branding, marketing, and advertising strategy. You can decide what products and services to offer. And if you want to make changes to any of those elements along the way, it’s your call. For people who own an AlphaGraphics franchises, being able to do business with the strength of the AlphaGraphics brand and business model is what drew them to print franchise ownership. You also get access to resources and materials for advertising/marketing, etc.
Support Informal/Demand Driven (You can seek out and choose the support you need when you need it). Structured system of ongoing support (including training) over the life of your print franchise.

Choosing What is Right For You

When it comes to deciding whether to start your own print business or own a print franchise, there’s no right or wrong answer. You can decide your best option from things like:

  • Your budget
  • How much creative latitude and decision-making power you want or need to run a business
  • Your desired support structure
  • How important it is for you to craft your own unique brand/products/services

At AlphaGraphics, our executive team will take you through a detailed discovery process. This will help you determine if franchise ownership is best suited to your business goals, or if starting your own business would be a better fit. No matter what the results, we are committed to equipping you to make a decision that will help you succeed. Schedule a discovery call today.