Print franchise ownership isn’t for everyone, but it has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs unlock career freedom. There are several critical ways buying an AlphaGraphics print franchise sets you apart from people trying to start a traditional print business. So here, we are going to go over why our owners picked us for a franchise opportunity.

Picking AlphaGraphics for a Franchise Opportunity

We Know it Works

AlphaGraphics has a proven business model. And when you become a franchise owner, you get to use it! We give our owners all the information they need to meet their goals—and avoid the most common mistakes traditional business owners make. During your discovery process, you’ll get in-depth information about what our print franchises have accomplished, how they did it, and how they overcame challenges. You don’t get anything like that if you start your own business instead of buying a franchise.

A Name You (and Your Customers) Can Trust

When you buy a print franchise with AlphaGraphics, you’re adding your business acumen to a name that you and your customers can trust. When it comes to selling print marketing and design services, you’ll have our brand in your corner. And that’s not all. Owning an AlphaGraphics franchise also means you’ll have our help with:

  • Big buying power: When it comes to buying things like supplies, equipment, and furniture for your franchise, you have our purchase power (and our strong relationships with vendors and suppliers) to help you make it happen for less.
  • Your marketing strategy: including budgeting, planning, and materials

Real estate: finding the right site in the right territory to optimize your success. We’ll also be there to help you with the layout and construction of your AlphaGraphics location.


Clearly, having support with branding, marketing, real estate, construction, and more means that owning an AlphaGraphics franchise is a lower-risk path than typical business ownership. It’s not risk-free (or challenge free), but the likelihood of success increases when you’re following a model that has already worked for so many others.


Support & Training Programs

Owning an AlphaGraphics doesn’t mean that you’re on your own after your grand opening. Far from it! When you buy a print franchise, training and support opportunities continue over the life of your business. As we learn new techniques for selling better print marketing and design solutions, you’ll learn them, too. We’re committed to ongoing innovation and growth— and we bring every franchise owner on that journey.