What’s the secret to AlphaGraphics’ success? Along with amazing service, it’s gotta be the way we do business. The franchising sector is consistently strong when it comes to growth and job creation. On top of that, business-to-business (B2B) franchises have been growing faster than their business-to-customer counterparts over time.

Ready for Growth

Why are so many people discovering B2B franchises? There are two key reasons.

  1. Since before 2008, the corporate world has downsized, employed younger workers, and employed more contract rather than salaried labor. And these trends haven’t reversed. This means many experienced corporate professionals are leaving the corporate world.
  2. These people bring their business acumen, sales and marketing ability, and other strengths to the franchising sector. With the way franchising works, they get a “business in a box” with their initial investment. They’re ready to serve their customers right away— and they have a competitive edge over people whose first business experience is in franchising.

But that’s not all. At AlphaGraphics, we value the experience and expertise of our new franchise owners. If you’re coming from the corporate world into print franchise ownership, there are several ways we make sure you’re set up for success.

When it comes to training, we play to your strengths and zero in on your areas where you want to grow and develop. Focus areas include strategic planning, marketing, staff oversight and more. If you want to learn it to serve your customers better, we can teach it.

With AlphaGraphics, you never stop learning:

  • Training is ongoing. The focused, innovative training doesn’t stop once you become an owner. Our executive team offers ongoing support through sales calls, site visits, and more. We consider ourselves partners with our print franchise owners. Your success is ours, so we’re eager to invest in it. Plus, you get access to the latest resources and expert advice to help you troubleshoot and problem solve along the way.
  • Other owners have your back. Peer support is one of the strengths of our franchise we’re proudest of. Your fellow owners share your business experience and aptitudes. And we have plenty of opportunities for knowledge exchange. Whether it’s online networking, regional events or conference calls— there are many ways to connect.

At AlphaGraphics, the pros are in your corner so you can give your customers expert service, every time.