The Future of Marketing and the Marketing Trends of 2018

Marketing is an ever-evolving art and for good reason: as technology advances and mediums of communication shift, marketing needs to be able to keep up. Year after year, new trends develop and old trends die, which means marketers have to keep up or risk being left behind.

As 2018 starts to take shape, so are new marketing trends. The old adage goes, “the future of marketing was yesterday!” Luckily, it’s possible to spot new trends before they become antiquated—all it takes is some keen attention as to where customer focuses are shifting and what types of messaging are developing within those new mediums.

Let’s take a brief look at the future of marketing and the marketing trends for 2018, and what you can expect from the coming year:

  • Tech-enabled collateral: Advances in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have taken marketing to the next level. Marketers need look no further than the prolific success of the Pokémon Go AR marketing campaign that launched the game into the pockets of millions of players to see the humongous potential this trend has for success.
  • Lifestyle marketing: Lifestyle consumerism is on the rise and people are beginning to trend more heavily towards products they can integrate into their personal brand. As a result, marketers are realizing the need to demonstrate the value of their products in this manner. Lifestyle marketing is all about selling a lifestyle, not tangible goods. The goods are secondary, but essential to the lifestyle.
  • Extreme personalization: Thanks to Big Data, companies have more information about their customers than they know what to do with! They’re dipping into this pool of knowledge to customize marketing at a granular level. No longer is variable data printing the big news in personalized marketing—now, AI-generated suggestive marketing can actually predict customer habits!
  • Social influencers: Social influencers will rule the world in 2018. These individuals wield supreme power over millions of active followers and can generate interest in a brand or products with just a single social post. Ubiquitous names like Kylie Jenner and DJ Khaled have already garnered billions in endorsements from companies looking to affiliate themselves with the in-crowd. Expect even more social influencers to rise to prominence in 2018.
  • Multimedia storytelling: As AR, VR and video marketing look to blossom in 2018, multimedia storytelling will naturally follow as a marketing trend. As technology is quickly adapted in the marketing spectrum, the ways in which a brand can market through story expound. Many companies are already seeing the success of synergistic storytelling as they reach consumers through a variety of different mediums.

As companies look to succeed in marketing, they’ll have to align themselves with the trends that are favorable with customers. What do all of these upcoming 2018 marketing trends have in common? A dramatic shift from aggressive messaging to passive messaging.

The overarching theme for 2018 and the future of marketing is a simple one: the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing, if feels like sharing.