We get asked a lot of questions about printing, and one of the most common ones sounds like this, how big is the print industry anyway?:

Is it even worth it to do printing anymore?

I mean, how big can the print industry be with everyone doing everything online now?

Don’t worry– no offense taken— we get it. You care about your business, your marketing, and your carbon footprint. Not only can a printer help you will all those things, but the print industry is still relevant (and it’s pretty big).

How big is the print industry?

Check out these numbers:

  • The $898 Billion a year industry drives about $3.8 trillion in related industries (book sales, marketing, etc).
  • In America alone, we print and share trillions of pages of information a year.
  • The print industry is bigger than the online advertising industry, the video game industry, and the US auto industry.

What does that mean for you?

  • If you’re a business owner: it means your business still needs printing services and print marketing to stay relevant (and to connect with customers who may not have a digital presence, or who may be tired of doing everything online).
  • If you’re an entrepreneur: it means working in the printing industry is a viable career path. This could mean owning a print services franchise, specializing in print marketing— or both.

If you’re worried about your carbon footprint, it may surprise you to learn that powering one computer uses more energy and resources than all of the paper someone uses in a year. In fact, it’s more than twice as much. Not to mention trees can be replanted, and there are continual efforts to ensure the forestry industries remain viable and sustainable over time.

And remember direct mail?

When it comes to making money for your business, it still gets the job done. Direct mail has given advertisers a huge ROI per advertising dollars spent—we’re talking over 1000%—and generates sales in the trillions. Not to mention, the response rate for direct mail and print campaigns is significantly higher than digital marketing. Who doesn’t like getting a letter? People love the personal touch of print and direct mail.

The best thing is, the print industry continues to grow
, evolve, and adapt. How? You can sell print online. Think about how many times you’ve printed a boarding pass, some concert tickets, or a coupon offer. It keeps service and shipping charges down for the consumer, and positions brands as champions of convenience. It’s a win-win situation— and growth of this trend is projected to continue.
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