Nobody in one of our printing franchises is foolish enough to tell you that digital marketing is unnecessary– but we can’t ignore the ways that print can help your business to grow. In fact, unless your digital marketing is integrated with traditional methods, your strategy isn’t going to stay afloat. Here is how AlphaGraphics can bring your business growth. 

AlphaGraphics Can Bring Your Business Growth

Why? Print marketing helps with design. Your local printing franchise knows what branding guidelines are— and knows how to use them. We can make sure every font, every logo, and every color is optimized for your print and traditional campaigns.

Print not only helps you build your brand– it can keep it strong. One of the most important aspects of a successful brand strategy is a connection. If your customers don’t feel a personal connection from you, they’re far less likely to buy from you. And even if they buy once, it’s unlikely they’ll keep coming back.

They know you’re using targeted ads, and they know you’re going to try to sell to them every time they get online. But a strategic use of print can give your brand a personal touch, and your printer can show you how. Here are a few ways our print franchisees have helped businesses in our community to grow:

  • Click-to-print campaigns
  • Personalized letters and postcards
  • Coupons and mailers
  • Holiday and birthday cards

And let’s not forget: you can’t focus on your business if you’re doing everything yourself.

If you’re spending all day making sure your click-to-print campaign is just right or stuffing envelopes for your mail campaign, who’s running your business? We’re not sure who, but we know it isn’t you. Working with a printer streamlines your marketing, design, mailing, and more—and gives it a professional touch—so you can focus on running your business and taking care of your customers.

Simply put professional marketing and design from a printing franchise impresses your clients, and reduces the amount of time spent doing work you weren’t meant to do. It gets your name out there in your community and makes your brand sparkle. The print makes sure your customer steps away from the computer— and into your business—to build a real relationship with you. When was the last time social media did that?

Talk to us about how we can help your business growth— and make sure you stay on-brand, on-goal, and on budget. Connect with us today.