If you’re all digital when it comes to your inbound marketing strategy, you’re making a big mistake (and we’re not just saying that because we’re a printing franchise). Marketing pros agree that print marketing is a must-have part of your content strategy.

If you think about it, everything is so digitized now that print has actually become “different’ and “new” again. Print is very much alive– and so are the customers reading it.

Here are 6 more ways a little print can bring  your marketing strategy back to life:

Printed content marketing gives you a competitive edge. Everyone has a website, but does everyone have a magazine? We didn’t think so. You can get creative with your printer and come up with magazines, inserts, pamphlets, and other things that set your brand apart from others who refuse to unplug.

Print isn’t dead. Research shows that, just like TV beat the odds, print has stopped declining. In fact, print companies  are becoming smarter. They’re developing strategies that integrate with your digital marketing, and they’re keeping your carbon footprint low. Experts expect the print industry to continue to grow— and to remain relevant to success across industries.

The opportunity is out there. Since so many businesses and entrepreneurs are neglecting print media, you have a great chance to fill in the gap and grab people’s attention. All you need to do is commit to an idea, and a printing professional will help you get it in print– and into the hands of your customers.

It’s one of the best ways to retain customers. It’s true. A big reason brands develop print magazines— and print other value-added content—is that it’s a highly personal, attractive way to nurture your customers after they buy. And we all want our customers to keep coming back, right?

You already have an audience. As soon as you have a mailing list (and every time someone puts their mailing address in an opt-in form), you already know who wants your printed content, and how to get it to them.

Print media makes people think. Because reading a book, pamphlet or magazine takes more time, we tend to approach that media more thoughtfully. We come away from print asking good questions. If your customers do the same for your print media, they’ll go straight to you to find the answers.

We love working in print because something about it is timeless— and people are drawn to it. If you could choose between getting regular emails from your best friend or getting a letter, we’re betting you’d pick mail. Your customers will feel the same way about receiving intentional, personalized communication in the mail from you. And that will give you real staying power.

Print marketing reminds your customers that they’re important– and so is unplugging. Seeing something in the mail from a business with their address, and pictures of an event they hosted, reminds people that there’s still the option of real connections with real people— and no computer can replace that.